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Exhibition Endangered by Amish Chhagan

Next Wednesday 28th June at 17:30h we open the exhibition Endangered by Amish Chhagan, which you will be able to see in our exhibition space until 24th July. Don’t miss the opportunity to see some incredible images of animals that you will surely never have so close to you. Author’s commentary Allow me to take […]

Exposición Silencio reflexivo – Mirada íntima de Pili Concellón

Nos hace mucha ilusión presentaros la nueva exposición de la fotógrafa Pili Concellón bajo el título “Silencio reflexivo – Mirada íntima” que se puede ver actualmente en nuestro espacio expositivo hasta el próximo 16 de septiembre. La exposición forma parte de la nueva edición de la Bienal Olot Fotografía, festival con el que colaboramos como sponsors y […]

The exhibition “Sitges, some moments of my village” by Thomas Vilhelm is now available.

Yesterday at 17:30h we inaugurated the exhibition “Sitges, some moments of my village” by Thomas Vilhelm in our exhibition space. The exhibition has the peculiarity of being composed of photographs in large formats, we believe that the sizes of the photographs help to produce a very uniform exhibition, easy to see and of an ease […]

Exhibition: Ànima Mundi by Enric Curto

Since last Wednesday 22nd September, our exhibition space has a new exhibition. It is the exhibition Ànima Mundi, by the photographer Enric Curto, who has photographed in his laboratory each and every one of the images that make up the exhibition over several years. This exhibition is part of the Revela’T Festival that this year […]

Exhibition “The latent time” by Alfonso Vidal-Quadras

Photography is my means of expression. My work and passion is to capture an instant of the world with a camera and translate it into a static image, framed in a two-dimensional space. Time Photography is the stopping of time, the faithful and mechanical collection of a fraction of a second of reality. It is […]

Exhibition ‘The Vital Breath’ by Ioana Vrabie

The exhibition “The Vital Breath. The lungs are trees hanging from the sky” by Ioana Vrabie comes to Visualkorner and which can be seen in our laboratory until July 7. Ioana Vrabie presents her exhibition with the following text: We slip into this World upside down and with a loud scream we announce our arrival, […]