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Exhibition: Ànima Mundi by Enric Curto

Since last Wednesday 22nd September, our exhibition space has a new exhibition. It is the exhibition Ànima Mundi, by the photographer Enric Curto, who has photographed in his laboratory each and every one of the images that make up the exhibition over several years. This exhibition is part of the Revela’T Festival that this year […]

Exhibition ‘The Vital Breath’ by Ioana Vrabie

The exhibition “The Vital Breath. The lungs are trees hanging from the sky” by Ioana Vrabie comes to Visualkorner and which can be seen in our laboratory until July 7. Ioana Vrabie presents her exhibition with the following text: We slip into this World upside down and with a loud scream we announce our arrival, […]

Ioana Vrabie

Who is Ioana Vrabie?  Ioana Vrabie is an international  award winning photographer known for shooting mesmeric multiple exposure analogue images that at a first glance look “wrong”. Her images arrest the viewers and invite them to look deeper and deeper to achieve a state of profound presence typical of the analogue era and break free […]

¿Pueden las piedras imprimir su magia en nuestras vidas?

Llega a Visualkorner la exposición ‘Les pedres i la seva màgia’ de Agustí Fernández, la exposición se podrá ver desde el día 16 de diciembre hasta el próximo 13 de enero.  En la naturaleza podemos encontrar infinidad de piedras con gran variedad de medidas, formas, colores, componentes minerales, etc. Hay una “piedras” más especiales, que […]