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We are a professional photographic laboratory located in Barcelona specialized in analog developing and fine art printing with more than 30 years of experience in developing negatives, scanning and printing, also working with the highest references in the local and international photographic industry.

Our analog and digital photographic laboratory is equipped with the latest technology to offer our clients the best results in the development of analog film, scanning and printing on the market. Our team will advise and accompany you throughout the production process so that you obtain desired excellence.

We are certified by Hahnemühle, which implies that the workflow of our photography laboratory fully respects what is necessary to obtain extreme quality on the prestigious Hahnemühle ® papers (Hahnemühle Certification No.: 169197), this is part of our commitment to the art. In addition, in our photographic laboratory we make available to our clients the widest range of products for analog photography, we strive to always maintain a constant stock of 35mm reels and 120 reels and a price that is as reasonable as possible taking into account the monopoly present in the industry. of analog film. In our analogue and digital photographic laboratory we also offer you a wide range of chemical products for analogue development in black and white and, as always, we offer you the highest quality in the development of your negatives and in photofinishing.


Somos un laboratorio fotográfico profesional ubicado en Barcelona especializado en revelado analógico y en impresión fine art con más de 30 años de experiencia en revelado de negativos, escaneado y positivado, trabajando además con los más altos referentes de la industria fotográfica local e internacional.

Nuestro laboratorio fotográfico analógico y digital está equipado con la tecnología más puntera para ofrecer a nuestros clientes los mejores resultados en el revelado de carretes analógicos, escaneado y positivado del mercado, nuestro equipo te asesorará y acompañará a lo largo del proceso de producción para que obtengas la excelencia deseada.

Estamos certificados por Hahnemühle, lo que implica que el flujo de trabajo de nuestro laboratorio de fotografía respete al máximo lo necesario para obtener una calidad extrema sobre los prestigiosos papeles Hahnemühle ® (Hahnemühle Certification No.: 169197), esto forma parte de nuestro compromiso con el arte.

Además en nuestro laboratorio fotográfico ponemos a disposición de nuestros clientes la mayor gama de productos para fotografía analógica, nos esforzamos por mantener siempre un stock constante de películas analógicas y un precio lo más ajustado posible teniendo en cuenta el monopolio presente en la industria de la película analógica.

En nuestro laboratorio fotográfico analógico y digital ponemos también a tu disposición una amplia gama de productos químicos para el revelado analógico en blanco y negro y como siempre te ofrecemos la mayor calidad en el revelado de tus negativos y en el fotoacabado

Frequently asked questions about our professional photo lab

What services do you offer in your photo lab?

In our photographic laboratory we carry out any photographic work that you need, both in analog and digital, from film development to mounting in frames or foams or any support, including photo scanning and fine-art printing.

Are you an analog photographic laboratory or do you also work with digital photography?

We are a professional analog and digital photographic laboratory. We develop 35mm reels, 120, plates and we also work with digital photography with scans, fine art printing….

How long does your photo lab take to develop the reels?

In our photography laboratory our normal term for the film revealing service is 24 hours in color, although we have an urgent service with which we will reveal your film in 1 hour even.

If I live outside of Barcelona, ​​can I send my film to your photo lab?

Yes, in our professional photographic developing laboratory you can send them and we can also pick them up and even for free, and in 24 hours we have them developed and ready to send them by wetransfer or physically by courier.

Does your analog photographic laboratory offer an urgent film development service?

Yes, in our professional analog photographic laboratory we offer an urgent development service, even in 1 hour. We are the fastest professional photographic laboratory with the highest quality on the market.

If I buy a disposable camera or film in your professional photographic laboratory, do I have a discount if I bring it to you to develop?

Yes, with each film or disposable camera that you buy in our photography store we give you a 25% voucher to discount more scans or copies from your development.

What kind of products do you offer in the store of your photography laboratory?

Apart from all the photographic services, in our professional photographic laboratory we sell practically all the film that exists in the market (Kodak, Cinestill, Ilford, Agfa, Kentmere, Dubblefilm, Fuji, Foma, Polaroid…) at the best price, and also black and white paper and chemistry for developing and a very complete range of batteries, apart from both wooden and aluminum frames ideal for your exhibitions or to decorate your house or that of your friends.

What papers do you use in your professional photo lab for fineart prints?

Always the best in quality, and for this, in our professional photographic laboratory we work in the chemical process with Fuji Supreme and, in the giclée process for RC papers with Ilford and for all fine art papers with Hahnemühle, where we are also holders of the authentication certificate. Issued by Hahnemüle, which is available in very few laboratories in Spain and gives that security and peace of mind to the client who knows that their works are treated by true experts who know the product they work with.