Exposición Silencio reflexivo – Mirada íntima de Pili Concellón

Nos hace mucha ilusión presentaros la nueva exposición de la fotógrafa Pili Concellón bajo el título “Silencio [...]

The exhibition “Sitges, some moments of my village” by Thomas Vilhelm is now available.

Yesterday at 17:30h we inaugurated the exhibition “Sitges, some moments of my village” by Thomas [...]

We start working with the “Red Eyes” festival and there’s a prize!

For the last few weeks we have been finalising a collaboration with the Red Eyes [...]

Opening: THE WAVE by Magui Pichinini

Tomorrow, 3rd March, the exhibition “The Wave” by Magui Pichinini will open at the Pati [...]

Exhibition Des De Cagenia by Román Okanipse

Today at 17:00 hours we open in our space the exhibition Des De Cagenia by [...]

Exhibition: Ànima Mundi by Enric Curto

Since last Wednesday 22nd September, our exhibition space has a new exhibition. It is the [...]

Exhibition “The latent time” by Alfonso Vidal-Quadras

Photography is my means of expression. My work and passion is to capture an instant [...]

Do you know what happens to the chemicals in the developer?

What chemistry do we use to develop C-41? We work with Fujifilm chemistry, which provides [...]

Exhibition ‘The Vital Breath’ by Ioana Vrabie

The exhibition “The Vital Breath. The lungs are trees hanging from the sky” by Ioana [...]

Hahnemühle Agave is an environmentally friendly paper for your photographs

Among all the Hahnemühle papers we work with, one of the most outstanding ones for [...]