Exhibition: Ànima Mundi by Enric Curto

Since last Wednesday 22nd September, our exhibition space has a new exhibition. It is the exhibition Ànima Mundi, by the photographer Enric Curto, who has photographed in his laboratory each and every one of the images that make up the exhibition over several years.

This exhibition is part of the Revela’T Festival that this year celebrates its 9th edition. This year’s motto is Own Universes, with the intention of showing more personal and author’s works where everyone can show their own universe.

With this exhibition the author wants to show a poetic and metaphorical journey through a distant planet. This world of lights that are born and die is his world. In it one experiences the pleasure of solitude and time stands still. He likes to flee from uncomfortable characters. He looks for silent places where my dream universe manifests itself. The author does not intend to ask questions or give answers, but only to express thoughts and sensations. He understands the landscape as a stage where the light imprints the character of the work that is represented, a place where we can show the concerns of the soul.

This photographic work consists of 48 images from which a selection of 26 have been made. They have been taken in various places where the force of nature and the landscape are shown in all their splendour. It was started in 1996 and finished in 2013.

The photographs were taken with medium format (6×6 and 6×7) and large format (10×12) cameras, using black and white film, usually Kodak TMAX 100 ISO. Silver gelatin paper (usually Ilford Multigrade Baryta) was used in the development and printing process.

Enric Curto was initially a self-taught photographer who specialised in macrophotography, publishing since 1989 in various scientific and popular science books and magazines. Later, interested in black and white as a means of expression, he broadened his technical knowledge at the Gris Art School (Barcelona).

As a freelance, he collaborated with the Millennium Images agency in London; he was chosen by the critics at the 1994 Spring Photographic Forum; he received an honourable mention at the 2003 FNAC European Photography Prize and has had more than 40 solo and group exhibitions as well as several publications. Collaborating photographer of Artist & Barcelona and member of Qgatfoto. Co-director of the first edition of the LUMÍNIC festival in Sant Cugat del Vallès.


You can see his work through his website, his blog or his instagram.

ànima mundi de enric curto

What? Photographic exhibition ‘Ànima Mundi’ by Enric Curto

When? From 22 September to 20 October 2021

Where? Visualkorner (Carrer Balmes, 354, baixos, 08006, Barcelona)

How much? Free