Opening: THE WAVE by Magui Pichinini

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Tomorrow, 3rd March, the exhibition “The Wave” by Magui Pichinini will open at the Pati Llimona Civic Centre. La Ola was the winning photographic project of the Visualkorner-Pati Llimona 2021 call for entries with a first prize of 1000 euros. The photographs have been printed on Fineart Hahnemühle paper in our laboratory, you can also print your photographs with the same quality, learn how here. The paper used has been Hahnemühle PhotogRAG Pearl 320g, click here to obtain more information about the paper.
If you want to visit it, it will be available from tomorrow at 18:30h until 25th April 2022. Click here to know the location of Pati Llimona

The Wave A project by Magui Pichinini

Starting from an approach to cyclical nature, Magui Pichinini investigates the menstrual universe in the series “LA OLA”; understanding the mental, emotional and physical changes during the different phases of the cycle.

The creative and research process involved in the proposal aims to know, understand and naturalise these changes, understanding that movement is a vital sign governed by a transcendent order that synchronises us to a rhythmic world.

expo fineart barcelona expo fineart barcelona expo fineart barcelona


The proposal makes use of concrete, visible and one might even say scientific material, the product of a daily collection of her own vaginal fluids, seen through a microscope; while the works that complete the curatorial narrative represent the visceral, emotional and abstract part, achieved by recording a group of women who completed a menstrual diary over the course of three months.
The artist’s interest in the study of movement, in all its meanings, has allowed her throughout her artistic projects to approach the human body, transformations and emotions as part of a whole, oscillating between kinesic works to gestures that are almost imperceptible to the naked eye or those manifestations of the subconscious. In this way, movement becomes a lei motiv that runs through the production up to the present day.

The author: Magui Pichinini

Magui Pichinini

Magui Pichinini is an Argentinian photographer and dancer.
She lives and works in Barcelona, where she dedicates herself to performing arts photography and the development of her personal projects. She is also co-organiser of Pulpa FotoClub, a photographic space dedicated to promoting the work of different female photographers.
In Buenos Aires, she studied Choreographic Composition in dance and theatre at the Universidad Nacional de Arte; as well as photography at the Centro Cultural San Martín, the Centro Cultural Rojas, and in seminars organised by Fola, among others. Once in Barcelona, he continued his photographic studies at El Observatorio and consolidated the fusion between the performing arts and the visual arts, in pieces such as Modo Subjuntivo, TO KI HO and Chop Suey.
His photography is marked by an interest in the study of movement as a central theme. Movement, in all its meanings, as a synonym of life. The human body, transformations, emotions as part of a whole, are concepts that colour his work.
His first project, The Wave, was chosen as the winner of the Photogenic Festival 2020.

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