The exhibition “Sitges, some moments of my village” by Thomas Vilhelm is now available.

Yesterday at 17:30h we inaugurated the exhibition “Sitges, some moments of my village” by Thomas Vilhelm in our exhibition space. The exhibition has the peculiarity of being composed of photographs in large formats, we believe that the sizes of the photographs help to produce a very uniform exhibition, easy to see and of an ease to make us travel to the photographed moment remarkable, we advise you to come and see it as the quality is very high.
The exhibition will be on display from 28th March to 29th April.
The colour photographs have been printed directly on mirage, the black and white photographs have been printed on Hahnemühle Ilford 260 paper with mirage support, to know more about these supports click here.

“Sitges, some moments of my town” by Thomas Vilhelm

Light gives us the sight; photography gives us the gaze.
Arriving in a place means becoming an accomplice in the passing of time. Since he arrived in Sitges, Thomas has used the camera as a third eye that has maintained and continues to maintain a special dialogue with the town, the place he has chosen to live.
The fruit of his journey, of his daily experiences, are these photographs that show the interaction of the subject with the environment. Nothing escapes his curious gaze: passion, pain, joy, colour…. In each of the photos there is a magical expression of what we call life: the subjects, the events, their experiences and perhaps their secrets.
Thomas avidly registers each of the sensations that surround him, because that is what it is all about, to be one more and one different, an eye that looks and a subject that bustles, a frame and beauty.
Everything is there, and perhaps it wasn’t there before because no one had portrayed it, we can’t all see. It takes a long journey to find the harbours where we can rest our gaze.
Now that port is Sitges, and this is part of the result of his journey.

What is it? Photographic exhibition “Sitges, some moments of my village” by Thomas Vilhelm
When does it take place? From 28th March to 29th April 2022
Where? Visualkorner (Carrer Balmes, 354, baixos, 08006, Barcelona)
How much? Free of charge

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