Ioana Vrabie

Who is Ioana Vrabie? 

Ioana Vrabie is an international  award winning photographer known for shooting mesmeric multiple exposure analogue images that at a first glance look “wrong”.

Her images arrest the viewers and invite them to look deeper and deeper to achieve a state of profound presence typical of the analogue era and break free from the hectic scrolling and sweeping of digital images on portable devices.

Born in Transylvania, Romania, Ioana Vrabie grew up in Tuscany, Italy.

She experienced a deep inner conflict while growing up between two opposite realities, the Romanian communist and the Italian capitalist ones, without feeling completely at home in any of them and experiencing a constant feeling of unsettledness and desire to escape. This conflict finds resolution in her work through the creation of a third visual reality where two or more perspectives converge and overlap to synthesize her multilayered vision.

Her work has been exhibited in London, Rome, Budapest and Barcelona and belongs to private collections. She is currently shortlisted for the Siena International Photo Award 2021.

© Ioana Vrabie “Marina and Her Self(ies) n.21”

Marina and Her Self(ies) n. 21 belongs to the project Beyond The Self(ie) that challenges the current mainstream trend of the human – especially feminine – iconography that depicts us as mere bodies, “perfected” through the use of digital manipulation, ready to satisfy a need for instant superficial gratification.

Vrabie chooses a slow paced medium – analogue photography without the use of photoshop manipulation – and she portrays the subject – a painter – together with one of her paintings, representing an imaginary subject created to express her emotions.

The photographer invites the viewer to look deeper and see this woman beyond her physical presence, as a creative micro cosmos that leaves her mark into the world.

We are what we create.

Dones Fotògrafes

Photography 40×50 printed in Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright White 310gr., Price 175€

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Què? Exposició fotogràfica ‘’Dones Fotògrafes‘’ col·lectiva

Quan? Del 8 de març al 14 d’abril de 2021

On? Visualkorner (Carrer Balmes, 354, baixos, 08006, Barcelona)

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