EXHIBITION: Urban en PH21 Gallery

Visualkorner we had the pleasure of printing the copies of Ioana Vrabie that are part of the exhibition, the curator of the exhibition is Zsolt Bátori.

Urban spaces have always been significant sources of inspiration for photographers for a very good reason; the dwelling places of much of humanity provide intensified experiences of how we shape our environment and how we live in the environment we create for ourselves. Cities offer a bounty of visual stimuli for the eye and the camera to catch. The structural beauty of the still lines and shapes of the buildings and streets provide for exciting compositions. The ever-changing swirl of the streets challenges us to capture precious passing moments. Urban life shows an entirely different face during the day and with the lights on at night.  Cities are usually busy with action, but recently we have experienced empty streets as well. There are endless ways of portraying the life of the inhabitants of cities, endless ways for photographers to construct their unique interpretations of what urban environments mean for them.

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The copies have been printed on Photo Rag® Bright White by Hahnemühle is a light white artistic paper made from 100% cotton. The soft felt structure and the soft touch of Photo Rag® give each print an expressive depth and three-dimensionality. In combination with the premium matte inkjet coating, it is able to generate striking impressions that arouse admiration with bright colors, a deep black and an exceptional reproduction of details. In addition, the high degree of whiteness of the paper allows to reproduce motifs of great contrast with a special gloss.


Qué? Exposición fotográfica 

Cuándo? Del 20 de agosto al 30 de agosto de 2020

Dónde? PH21 Gallery (Carrer de Buenaventura Muñoz, 6, 08018 Barcelona)

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