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You can send us your order without having to go to our store.

Follow these simple instructions and start working with us:

Order your printed images online

Send your digital files by WeTransfer to:


  • Size of the photo prints
  • Giclée or Photo Print. Paper type
  • Contact information (First name, last name and phone number).

The amount of the prints will be paid when collected in the store or after payment by transfer or Paypal.

Send your images

Mail your film or negatives

Send your film to our lab so we can process it and scan it for you!

Download and fill out the form:

Download the form

Send it to us with your film or negatives to the following address: VisualKorner C/Balmes, 354 bajos 08006 Barcelona

How long it take to process your order depends on the noumber og rolls. Usually it will be done in 24 hours, for orders with less than 5 rolls. We have an emergency service where you can have the film developed in 1 – 3 hours. From there, the amount of time increases in 24 hours for each 50 rolls. 

When we revice your package, our staff will check it and send you an e-mail with all the information and the budget to place the payment. If we have any doubt or problem we will call you. 

Once the order is placed, we offer you the chance to pick it up at our lab or we can send the rolls back to you. 

You can also send us your film through express messaging services or Correos. You choose your shipment. If you want us to send you back your rolls, we will do it with a transport agency.