Analog development. Sending films C-41 or black and white to develop.

Developing your 35mm or 120 analog film has never been so easy. The first thing you have to do to send us your film to develop to our analog development laboratory is to fill out this form, in which you must indicate the work you want us to do, once you fill out the form, you must attach it with your material when you send it to us or when we pick it up at your home. We remind you that if you bought film in our analog development laboratory, you can use the form that came in the box of your order. You must also indicate what you want us to do with your negatives once developed: if you are going to pick them up, if you want us to send them to you, to save them to attach them to another shipment or to destroy them. For scanning your negatives we offer 3 different qualities so that you can choose the one that best suits you:

  • Low 5Mb aprox: Good for online and small printings.
  • Medium 12Mb – 18Mb aprox: ¡The most populars!. Good for printings until A4 .
  • High 25Mb – 50Mb aprox: Good for important works. For large prints and magazine publications.

When you send us your analog film to develop, we recommend that they be wrapped in a plastic bag or something that prevents moisture during shipment and the box or envelope where you send it is well sealed and protected so that everything reaches us in the best conditions. If you are using our box (The VKBOX) you will only have to put the reels in the bag, the box is prepared for everything. Remember that our shipping address is: VisualKorner C/Balmes, 354 bajos 08006 Barcelona.

¿How can I send you my films to develop? 

Once you fill out the form you will have 3 options to send us your films to develop: 1- One option to send us your films to develop is for us to come to your home to pick up the films by courier at the address you indicate (just for people that lives in Spain). 2- Another option to send us your films to develop is to go personally to our analog development laboratory, or send them to us through a friend or messenger to the following address: VisualKorner C/Balmes, 354 bajos 08006 Barcelona. 3- The last option and also the most interesting is that if you have a vkbox at home you will only have to paste the sticker inside, close the box well and notify us for its collection at home, you can also deliver it to a post office. (You will get your vkbox with the purchase of film in our analog photographic developing laboratory) For our film collection service at home, you must notify us 24 hours in advance so that we can organize the collection by sending an email to indicating your personal data (name, phone) and the address and time of collection. The cost of the service (as long as it is developed + printed copies or scanned via Wetransfer) will be charged to you on the work invoice and is:

1 to 2 films   ……………….   5,5€ (Spain) ………………    4,5€ (If you have bought film in our store)

3 to 6 films   ……………….  4,00€ (Spain) ………………    3€ (If you have bought film in our store)

7 films ore more    …….     FREE   

(Prices valids for peninsula. Balear Islands fixed price of 9.95 EUR VAT INCLUDED · Canary Islands fixed price of 18 EUR + TAXES)

¿How do I pay you for the analog devolpment service and receive the work?

As soon as your package arrives with your films to develop, our staff will review everything inside and you will receive an email indicating all the information and the budget to be able to make the payment by transfer, PayPal, secure payment gateway with card and even payment with Bizum , so that everything is incredibly comfortable. If there was any problem or doubt we would call you. Once the work is done and the payment confirmed, we will send you your scanned photographies by WeTransfer or your copies by courier, unless you want to pick them up at our laboratory. We will follow the indications that you have indicated in the order form (collection in store, custody of negatives in Visualkorner (Maximum 6 months), shipment of negatives (with charge*) or destruction of the same. If you want to see our price list For the different analog development services that we offer, click here.

Download the form Take a look at VKbox