Send us your films, negatives, etc., or contact us for we can pick them up at home.

It is essential to have your work well identified, so you must download this form, fill it out and attach it with your order when you send it to us. In the form, apart from your data, you must indicate what you are sending us (number of rolls, if they are color, black and white, E-6, APS, 110, etc.), if you want us to scan or print copies, or both. You must also indicate what you want us to do with your negatives once they have been developed: if you are going to pick them up, if you want us to send them to you, or to keep them to be attached to another shipment or to destroy them.

  • Low approx 5Mb: Good for online and small prints.
  • Media approx 12Mb – 18Mb: The most popular! For prints up to A4. 
  • High approx 25Mb – 50Mb: Special for work. For large print and magazine publications.

In summary; everything you we need to know about your order, so that we can carry out the work that best suits for your preferences. We advise that your rolls should be wrapped in plastic and the box or envelope where you send them well sealed and protected. Remember that our shipping address is: VisualKorner C/ Balmes, 354 baixos 08006 Barcelona

How do I get the Package to you? Is it true that you can pic kit up at home for free?

It has never been so easy to work in distance. You currently have 2 options to do so: one is that we go through your home, or the address you tell us to pic kit up by courier and the other is, that you send it us by yourself (by friends, courier, post mail, etc.).

If you want us to collet it, you must notify us 24 hours in advance so that we can organize the collection by email to [email protected] indicating your personal details (name, telephone number) and the address and collection time. The cost of the service will be charged to your order:

1 to 2 rolls ……………….. 5,50€ (Barcelona City) ……………….. 4,50€ (if you have bought film)

3 to 6 rolls ………………..4,00€ (Barcelona City) ……………….. 3€ (if you have bought film)

+ 7 rolls ……………….. F R E E

As soon as your package arrives, our staff will review everything inside and you will receive an email indicating all the information and the budget to be able to make the payment by transfer or PayPal. If there is any problem or doubt, we will call you.

Once the work is done and the payment is confirmed, we will send you your photos scanned by WeTransfer or your copies by courier, unless you want to pick them up at our laboratory. We will follow the indications that you have indicated in the form of your order (collect in our laboratory, custody of negatives in Visualkorner for 6 months maximum, sending negatives (with charge) or destruction them).

The time it takes to process and scan or print an order depends on the number of rolls you have and the type of film shipped. The usual time in color rolls (C-41) is 24 hours (with urgent service it is 1 – 3 hours) for orders with less than 5 rolls. If your order is for more than 5 rolls, the time increases by another 24 hours every 50 extra rolls if they are color, and if they are black and white it is about 24 hours more.

We look forward to your work and also, of course, your suggestions to improve day by day as we have been doing for many years.

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